Faith Based Relationship Coaching
for Marriages & Family

Marriages may be blessed in heaven, but they are lived out on this side of eternity.

  • Hard work and commitment are important to the success of any couple.
  • Of all first marriages, only 25% endure and are truly happy.
  • Half of all divorces occur within the first two or three years of marriage.

  • Definition of Relate: To show or establish logical or causal connection between / to have meaningful connection in relationships: interact realistically‚Ķ..this is the goal:

    One of the greatest challenges of any relationship is, "relating" to the other person in the relationship.

  • The cry of the human heart is, does anyone truly care, can anyone really relate to my struggles; the answer is closer than you know.
  • What We Have In Common; is a clear look into how much of life is relatable when we're searching for meaningful relationships.
  • WWHIC will address such issues as affairs, adultery, addictions, stress and anxieties in marriage, communication in marriage, parenting, and more.
  • A recent Gallop survey revealed that 82% desired a more meaningful relationship with their spouses and family members.
  • Up to 24% in the last four years believe the answers are found in God's word.
  • How I understand you, will determine how I relate to you.

  • In a world flooded with distresses like divorce, father absence, rampant sexual abuse, anxiety and depression, there seems to be an epidemic of escapism through drugs, alcohol, consumerism, sex, violence and suicide.

    These expressions spill over into our relationships often times cloaked with success, busyness, and even religion.

    People are searching for answers and solutions; often we fill our lives with counterfeits and substitutes to mask what we want no one to see, for the fear of appearing unlovable.

    We will take a look at the Core Fundamentals that make marriages and family work; have a game plan, relationship rules, structure for fun, create safety and honesty in your marriage to make it last.

    WWHIC, What We Have In Common; will help you remove roadblocks in communication, help restore intimacy, revealing the true picture of marriage the way God intended it.

    Please come join us on the journey to celebrate recovery of peace, joy, and fulfilled companionship and experience hope that is real and right now.