Marital Counseling

The 2nd Saturday of every month / 6:00pm @ 180 Faith Ministries / The Message
114 Hillside Terrace, Vista CA 92094

Learn how to make the right investments in your marriage: capacity, goal-oriented, time, perseverance, consistency, sacrifice, and accountability. Safety and trust are critical elements for any healthy marriage and home. Create an environment of acceptance and nurture without the negative recourse or ridicule providing a safe-haven in marriage and your family.

The ways a couple communicates love and care for one another makes a difference in any relationship, and will impact the home life.

The key is to weaves together each couple's love languages, so it can be integrated into the tapestry of the marriage to strengthens and enrich communication for growth in the marriage.

Disagreement and disappointment are inevitable, especially in a marriage. Conflict begins when spouses push each other's emotional buttons.

When life sours, or takes a turn for the bad, our relationships are often the first impacted by these events.

Learn how to navigate through conflict with strategies for good conflict resolution.

My specialties include marital, family, and parenting relationship issues; problem gambling/addictions, change management, depression/anxiety, military, and work/life balance. Over the last 25 years, I've gained considerable experience and expertise helping others find emotional relief from the burdens of everyday living-especially issues complicated by self doubt, self rejection, and behavioral ruts patterns.

I am currently hosting a marriage seminar program for members of my congregation at 180 FM The Message the 2nd Saturday of each month @ 6:00pm @ 114 Hillside Terrace Vista CA 92084

  • All literature, books, pamphlets, and worksheet will be made available for participants at these seminars. (Some free, others for purchase)
  • Introduction fee for those desiring counseling or coaching sessions beyond the free seminar is $150.00 per couple: Include 50 min assessment counseling session scheduled at my office
  • Single office session $100.00 per session/or a flexible monthly retainer fee, includes weekly session, and free phone sessions as needed in monthly contract.
  • All charges are made available on slide scale

*Pastor Merritt officiates weddings