Who We Are

180FM "The Message" would like to welcome all visitors from all walks of life to worship with our church family. We are mothers, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents form every ethnicity, former military servicemen, and professionals from all sectors coming together under the banner of Christianity to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We love to have fun with family, and share that love with our surrounding community. We are involved in meeting the need within and without the walls of our church.


Born and raised in Louisiana, Rick has southern wit and charm along with a dedicated drive for excellence. He is husband of thirty plus years to his wife Judith Merritt. Together they have three children and 9 grandchildren.

He served eight years in the military before resigning to civilian life and devoting himself to full time ministry. His pastorate experience began as the Associated Pastor in Yuma AZ. at his mother church in 1990; which lead to his personal calling and ministry three years later as an International Evangelist with the Potter's House Ministry.

He has been pastoring in Vista CA since 1996 reaching the Tri-City and North County area. The church' expressions of ministry have reached international and domestic influence for several years. It also has local impact on the surrounding military community.

Rick has a Ph.D. in Pastoral Care and Clinical Counseling from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology; he is certified in “Marriage & Family Counseling and belongs to the American Academy of Clinical Family Therapists Association, along with other certifications from Light University and the American Association of Christian Counselors in; Addiction & Recovery with the 12 step program form Celebrate Recovery; Premarital & Marital Coaching, along with Life Stress Coaching.

Dr. Merritt currently desires to work with the Chaplin's Association on both Bases to help service members and their marriages ravaged by ten years of war. He has this year 2013 recently participate in the Marriage Family & Parenting Expos held at both Camp Pendleton and Miramar Bases.

Dr. Merritt currently works with the Chaplin's Association on Bases in the greater San Diego area to help service members and their marriages ravaged by years of war. He has participated in the Marriage Family & Parenting Expos held at both Camp Pendleton and Miramar Base. His office number is: 760.806.0086 / Cell: 760.420.1534.

Currently his practice has expression in San Diego, North County, San Bernardino, and Riverside County. Because of his burden to help and serve the community; Dr. Rick Merritt is reaching out to Health care agencies, schools, and churches in hopes of making a difference.